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Chalet Ciro was established by Mr. Ciro Fummo in 1952 on the
waterfront promenade of Naples, Italy.
In 1978 his daughter Rosaria and nephew Antonio De Martino took
over the management of this tiny kiosk in sunny Mergellina.
Today, there is a fourth generation in the business with great
grandson Ciro sharing the same passion and commitment that runs
in the Family: Hospitality and high quality standards are in the very
DNA of this Company.

Along those years, the Company has always strived to offer a wide range
of products, with a constant attention to tradition and innovation- in a
single location, there is a coffee shop, a bakery and a gelato shop with a
level of appreciation from customers that gives Chalet Ciro the status of a cult gourmet destination, hence the endless line of
waiting customers at any time of the day.
The perfection here is in the moist sandwiches, the hot, soft doughnuts,
the traditional gelato- all served by seasoned staff, always ready to
please their customers.


82 Putney High Street - London SW15 1RB
+44 020 87802681

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Chalet Ciro 1952
82 Putney High Street, London, SW15 1RB,
United Kingdom

+44 020 87802681